Song of the Day #2,066: ‘Milk & Honey’ – Beck

midnitevulturesLast week I bought Beck’s new album, Morning Phase, a sequel of sorts to 2002’s sublime break-up record Sea Change.

Morning Phase has the same somber tone and cry-in-your-beer lyrical style as Sea Change but goes in some different melodic and production directions, with some of its songs reminding me of everything from Simon & Garfunkel to Pink Floyd.

I don’t know if it’s the equal of Sea Change or just a very worthy successor — that verdict is many listens away — but I already love it.

It’s funny, immersed as I am in Morning Phase‘s melancholy beauty, to stumble randomly across a gonzo rocker like Milk & Honey, from Beck’s 1999 mind-bender Midnite Vultures. It’s a nice reminder of just how versatile this guy is.

Don’t take your red ribbons off
You’re about to make a fool of yourself
In the aluminum sunset
Drinking from a drain
I’m a hundred miles behind myself

Milk and honey
Pouring down like money
Make a poor boy want to run
Milk and honey
Do you want to love me
Under the aluminum sun

Did you hear those war torn stories
Where the lifeguards slept in the streets
In the jungle lands
With the cold cola cans
You’ll get the keys to the city for free

Milk and honey
Pouring down like money
Bring a poor boy to his knees
Milk and honey
No it isn’t funny
Living in a garden of sleaze

Bangkok athletes in the biosphere
Arkansas wet dreams
We all disappear
Kremlin mistress
Rings the Buddha chimes
She slips me ruffles
Receding hairlines

She’s all right, touching my body
She’s all right, on my computer
She’s all right, selling me watches
She’s all right, ring on my finger


One thought on “Song of the Day #2,066: ‘Milk & Honey’ – Beck

  1. Dana says:

    I don’t listen to much Beck, but he is no doubt a versatile talent.

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