Song of the Day #1,787: ‘Kit Kat Jam’ – Dave Matthews Band

lillywhite_sessionsI feel like I’ve told the tale of my history with the Dave Matthews Band a dozen times on this blog.

In a nutshell: Loved their early stuff, really loved the unreleased Lillywhite Sessions, hated the album they released instead (Everyday), resented the inferior official release of those Lillywhite songs (Busted Stuff) and haven’t really liked them much since.

Here’s a track from those Lillywhite Sessions, before it all went downhill.

Hey, golden girl, with your hair swinging down
All of this love you have going round
What will you do when the gold turns to grey?
Have you thought now
Well, what the hay, give us some

Cover yourself with the safety of lies
You’ll find it’s easier ’til you face dying
Oh, sweetest smile in a confident come along
All of this longing you will done

Up and out, goes to your heart
And you will make yourself higher up, little fool
And love and go down and pay to go on
We’ll lie on water, and oh
On the way back I slip on the ceiling

Caught you just then, hands were in the cookie jar
How can we share when you sneak off and go?
I’ve no intention of losing by beard
How they design and then we go again

Oh God, them horses were racing
And, oh, bring me down
Could put Humpty Dumpty back together again
Now the wall won’t hold anyone
I walk in the slide
Wait and reach your lady
This is the short one
Short way to lay in

Oh, let her leave my hand I’ve given up
Whoa, how is too late now

Oh, free, just…
Were you lying?

9 thoughts on “Song of the Day #1,787: ‘Kit Kat Jam’ – Dave Matthews Band

  1. Amy says:

    I do love this sound, but, as I’ve often said on this blog, I only need to have a representative album or two from each band to be content. Therefore, if Dave Matthews Band went downhill, they just did me a huge favor in that I never need to feel guilty about ignoring everything else they ever produced. 🙂

  2. pegclifton says:

    Dana, are you feeling well??

  3. Dana says:

    And as I have said myriad times, the extreme negative feelings you have had for DMB is largely if not totally fueled by being far too insidery over the whole lilywhite sessions situation- reading too much, downloading the then shelved album, etc.

    Has their music been as great as earlier stuff? Arguably no. But they have put out some decent stuff since. Your dislike of “the space between” for example is far more emphatic than it should be. That song actually has a really cool vibe. I suspect had you heard it for the first time appearing on a John Mayer album, you would be lauding it.

    As for today’s song, I find it to be a perfect example of a lesser produced, less crisp, overly bloated and vocally/lyrically weak version of its counterpart on Busted Moves, where 2 long minutes and the vocals were jettisoned so as to just feature the jam the song should have arguably been in the first place.

  4. Dana says:

    For those of you not familiar with the tighter, shorter better version, here you go:

    And yes, peg, I’m feeling fine. Why do you ask?😄

  5. pegclifton says:

    I’m glad you are feeling fine; just missed your comment and thought you were not up to for it today 🙂

  6. Clay says:

    I don’t see how you can say with a straight fact that the Busted Stuff version of this song is superior.

    Yes, it has a better overall sound, because it is in a final mastered state rather than an unfinished bootleg, but the vocals make this a song rather than a few minutes of filler. I’m anti-jam band, so this is a particularly egregious example of a change between the bootleg and the hurried Busted Stuff.

    And Everyday, the album they released rather than finishing up the Lillywhite record, was bland pop showcasing none of the band’s unique talents.

    • Dana says:

      I say it with a very straight face. Frankly, neither version does much for me as I, like you, am not so big on jams. The original, though, is basically the same jam (thus the title) with lyrics thrown in. IMO the vocals didn’t make the song much better, so I’ll take the 3 minute jam over the 5 minute original, thank you.

  7. Andrea Katz says:

    I just want to come out of the closet and admit that I too hate those big, indulgent jams too. Phooey!
    This Dave Mathews fellow had something on Coffee House recently which I really love. The lyrics were like, “if only I could have you, just the way I want to” and I was intoxicated with it.

  8. Andrea Katz says:

    So glad you are feeling better Dana… Soon to be Mr. Birthday Dana! 🙂

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