Song of the Day #1,513: ‘Honey Hi’ – Fleetwood Mac

How do you follow Rumours?

Fleetwood Mac released that 1977 classic to universal critical and popular acclaim, and did so on the heels of their self-titled album, which though overshadowed by Rumours, is just as jam-packed with essential material.

In 1979, at the peak of their popularity, and also the peak of the personal turmoil that had become part of their daily existence, Fleetwood Mac released Tusk.

The album was long (a double-disc set), expensive (the most costly album ever made to that point) and messy — the polar opposite of its streamlined, focused predecessors. And it wasn’t immediately beloved, disappointing on the charts and leaving a lot of fans scratching their heads.

But as with many misunderstood, ambitious albums, its reputation has grown over time. Many critics put it right up there with Rumours as one of the band’s essential works.

I’ll be honest, I have not listened to Tusk all the way through. I bought it at a bargain basement price from a used CD store once upon a time but it has spent a lonely existence on the shelf next to its better-known and better-loved siblings.

Today’s randomly selected ditty, one of Christine McVie’s few contributions to the album, is crying out from the depths of my iTunes library, “Give me a chance!” Well, here’s your chance. Then I’m going back to Rumours.

Honey, honey, honey
Who could be sweeter than you
Honey, honey, honey
Bitter sweet, but what can I do

Lord, it’s good to talk to you
Even sweeter than wine
Don’t take the love light away
‘Cause I’m far away from home

Daddy, all I’m trying to tell you
Lord, I really love you, love you, love you
Honey, honey, honey hi
Honey, honey, honey hi
Honey, honey, honey hi.

One thought on “Song of the Day #1,513: ‘Honey Hi’ – Fleetwood Mac

  1. Dana says:

    I’ve never heard this album, other than the title track and “Sara,” which had been released as singles and received decent air and MTV play back in the day.

    I suspect though that I would like the album, but it is hard to bypass Rumours when I’m in a Mac mood.

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