Song of the Day #1,316: ‘Waiting On the Stars To Fall’ – Hayes Caril

This Random Weekend has become something of a theme weekend on its own, with the second quiet country ballad in a row popping up today. The melody of today’s song even sounds a lot like yesterday’s.

Lyle Lovett’s 2009 release, Natural Forces, is a collection of both Lovett originals and songs he covered by other Texas musicians, including Townes Van Zandt, Robert Earl Keen and other lesser-known songwriters.

One track was penned by Eric Taylor, who thanks to Kyle Chandler’s amazing work on Friday Night Lights can only hope to be the second most beloved man with that name in Texas.

Packaged with Natural Forces — or at least some copies of it — was a 6-song sampler called T For Texas, T From Tennessee, produced by Lost Highway records to highlight the work of their Texas recording artists (including Lovett himself and Willie Nelson).

One of those featured artists, Hayes Caril, hails from Houston, Texas, and has received strong critical raves for his two solo albums. He’s much younger than I pictured him after listening to today’s song.

Caril got in some trouble with conservative radio stations for his recent single, ‘She Left Me For Jesus,’ which is a treasure trove of great lines: “She showed me a picture, all I could do was stare at that freak in his sandals with his long purty hair. They must think that I’m stupid or I don’t have a clue. I bet he’s a Commie, or even worse yet a Jew.” “Why the last time we made love, she even called out his name.” “If I ever find Jesus, he’s gonna wish he were dead.”

Today’s song is a far more somber affair.


2 thoughts on “Song of the Day #1,316: ‘Waiting On the Stars To Fall’ – Hayes Caril

  1. peg says:

    you gotta just love those lyrics!

  2. Dana says:

    We own this album, but I’m not sure I ever got through the whole thing, particularly once it got into these other artists. I think what Lovett did here to feature other artists is noble, but when I buy a Lovett album, I want to hear him–and not just him, his original songs–preferably of the more jazz and blues variety.

    I’m hoping his new album will give me more of the Lyle I love.

    In the meantime, this is a perfectly nice song–but nothing I would feel the need to hear again. I am more curious the Jesus dissing song:)

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