Song of the Day #446: ‘Thought It Would Be Easier’ – Shelby Lynne

shelbylynneI’m becoming a lot more aware of my age in recent months. It’s not that I’m approaching a milestone (I’m 36) or having a mid-life crisis… nothing like that. I’m just experiencing for the first time what I’ve always heard people say, that the years fly by faster the older you get.

It happens when I realize some people I work with were born in the mid or late 80s. Or when it occurs to me that there are just three months left in the 2000s, when I remember attending the millennium New Year’s Eve party at my sister’s place as if it were last week. The 90s seemed to last forever… the 2000s were over in a blink.

Mostly I find myself shocked at how long ago things happened. I bought my car eight years ago? Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind came out five years ago? My second daughter was born 3 1/2 years ago?? No… all of those things happened recently. How can I be a stone’s throw from 40 when I feel just like I did at 25?

What does any of this have to do with Shelby Lynne, you ask?

Today’s song, ‘Thought It Would Be Easier,’ is one of my very favorites from the wonderful I Am Shelby Lynne album, a bluesy, sexy collection that brought Lynne widespread acclaim and won her an unlikely Best New Artist Grammy (despite the fact that she’d released five previous albums over ten years).

I remember putting this song on a mix CD for my sister and her saying that she liked the song but that the high-pitched strings during the chorus sent a shiver down her spine. It didn’t seem to have that effect on anybody else and I speculated that it might be because she was pregnant with her second child at the time. Her second child… that would be my nephew Daniel, who is about to turn 9 years old. Meaning it was ten years ago that I made that mix CD I remember as if I’d just pulled the disc out of my computer.

A decade, gone, just like that. The high-pitch squeal you’re hearing now isn’t in the song… it’s the sound of my youth dying. Enjoy!

I always thought it would be easier
After you were gone
Thought I could pull myself together
And do fine on my my own

Sometimes I do alright then I remember
How I dreamed it, how I needed it
I thought it would be easier
I thought it would be easier

They never told me I’d be lonely
Torn up and wasted
But when you saw something else you liked
You couldn’t wait to taste it

How was I to know about the way
You were scheming
I guess I must have been dreaming
I thought it would be easier
I thought it would be easier

I found that old shirt you used to wear
And it really brought me down
Ooh does she like blue like I do
I bet she gets around

All I know today is that I,
I can’t stand it
This ain’t how I planned it
I thought it would be easier
I thought it would be easier

4 thoughts on “Song of the Day #446: ‘Thought It Would Be Easier’ – Shelby Lynne

  1. Dana says:

    Couldn’t agree with you more…time is flying by and, as Adam Durwitz said so well (and as Amy recently quoted), I so want to “hold on to these moments as they pass.” Oh, and speaking of a pass, did you see that one from Henne to Ginn? Wow! 🙂 Who knows,maybe some day in the rapidly approaching future, I will be debating with Daniel (or his child) whether the greatest QB for the Fins was Griese, Marino or Henne. At least, I hope Henne enters that conversation:) Of course, the fact that I am old enough to remember Griese playing is scary in and of itself!

    As for today’s song, I’m not sure those are strings, but rather a keyboard sustaining a high pitched note/chord. Doesn’t bother me in the least, at least not through the computer speakers. This is a fine song, kind of in the mood of a Sade song, or maybe k.d. lang.

  2. Clay says:

    I wish I could bottle up that offensive performance and release it every Sunday (and Monday night) for the rest of my life!

  3. Amy says:

    This is a wonderful song. Has it been used in a film or tv show at some point over the past 9 years? I can’t pinpoint which one, but I have a sense of hearing this music accompanying images of some sort – perhaps a slideshow of our rapidly passing lives? 😉

    Oh, and nearly 3 minutes into the song, I’ve yet to notice the high-pitched strings/keyboard that apparently bothered me, yet Daniel is wimpering in the other room 😉 so perhaps it is his issue and not mine.

    As for getting older, I’m ashamed to say I was way too tired to stay up for last night’s FOR THE AGES Monday Night Football game, and that’s just sad.

  4. Clay says:

    I don’t think this song has been in any movies (not sure about TV shows), but Lynne’s similar ‘Dream Some’ was featured memorably in Bridget Jones’s Diary, so maybe that’s what you’re remembering.

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