Song of the Day #2,677: ‘Little Savage (Alternate Version)’ – Elvis Costello

imperialbedroomElvis Costello’s many reissues of his back catalog have unearthed a lot of excellent tracks. Today’s Random iTunes selection is not among them.

This alternate take of Imperial Bedroom‘s ‘Little Savage’ is nearly incoherent, especially vocally, a fact that Costello himself acknowledges in the disc’s liner notes:

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Song of the Day #2,675: ‘Baby Come Back to Bed’ – Rumer

rumerThis week’s final track is a better time machine than Doc Brown’s DeLorean. Rumer (stage name of Sarah Joyce) was born in 1979 but her songs sound like they were recorded five years earlier.

Her Karen Carpenter vocals and Burt Bacharach production are completely out of time but charmingly so. Her throwback style has earned the fandom of Elton John and, yes, Burt Bacharach.

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Song of the Day #2,674: ‘What You Don’t Do’ – Lianne La Havas

lianne-la-havasThe globetrotting continues with today’s artist, Lianne La Havas, who was born in London to a Greek mother and Jamaican father. She counts Prince among her biggest fans, and has played alongside him on Saturday Night Live and elsewhere.

La Havas released her debut record in 2012 and her sophomore effort, Blood, in July of this year. The album was well-received, hailed as a stirring blend of pop, soul, jazz and R&B. No wonder Prince likes her.

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Song of the Day #2,673: ‘7 Billion’ – Mizan

mizanOf all the interesting musical combinations out there, ‘Ethiopian Fiona Apple’ is definitely unexpected. But that’s exactly how I’d describe Mizan, based on this one song anyway.

Mizan (whose last name — or first name? — I couldn’t find on the web) was born in Chicago and raised in Ethiopia and New York. I could find very little else about her online, apart from the fact that her debut EP was released on Nov. 6.

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Song of the Day #2,672: ‘I Always Fall Apart’ – Sharon Van Etten

sharon_van_ettenSharon Van Etten is Jersey-born and Brooklyn-based, an NPR-approved indie folk rock singer-songwriter who’s been performing for a decade and has released four well-received albums. I’d never heard of her.

This moving piano ballad is a nice introduction to Van Etten’s work. It has a Tori Amos feel to it but less avant garde, with a little more of a 60s folk influence.

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Song of the Day #2,671: ‘Rise Up’ – Andra Day

andra_dayIn a recent issue of Entertainment Weekly, the magazine’s editors took advantage of the Adele hysteria to highlight about a dozen emerging artists with a similar sound and sensibility.

I’ll showcase the songs of a few of those artists this week and give my first impressions.

This isn’t a genre I generally like so I’m curious to see if any of these women capture my attention out of the gate.

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