Song of the Day #2,552: ‘O Canada’ – Sarah McLachlan


As this post goes live, I am on a cruise ship starting in Boston and ending in Montreal. Afterward, my family and I will head to Toronto. This will be the first extended stay in Canada for my wife and me and the first time, period, for our daughters.

In my absence, I will present two weeks of songs by Canadian performers. I make no promises about the quality of the artists, only their nation of origin.

Starting things off, appropriately, is the Canadian national anthem, performed here by Halifax’s own Sarah McLachlan.

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Song of the Day #2,551: ‘New Kid (On the Block)’ – Barenaked Ladies

gordonAfter a week featuring tracks by the likes of Nick Jonas, One Direction and Shawn Mendes, today’s song, from Barenaked Ladies’ 1992 debut Gordon, feels appropriate.

Boy bands are certainly an easy target, but BNL has some fun with the topic.

While boy bands have been around since The Monkees, their resurgence really came in the 90s with Backstreet Boys and NSYNC.

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Song of the Day #2,550: ‘Johnny Todd’ – Bob Dylan & The Band

basement_tapesThis Random Weekend selection is a very special dedication to my sainted mother, who turns 70 today.

My extended family will be celebrating this milestone over the next two weeks on cruise around the northeastern U.S. and into Canada, so I’ll be lining up some appropriate tunes to mark the time through the end of July.

Random Weekends will proceed as usual, of course. Now let’s spin the wheel and see what iTunes serves up to mark my dear mother’s birthday.

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