Song of the Day #2,286: ‘Over it Over Again’ – She & Him

shehimI really enjoyed She & Him’s debut album, Volume One, but didn’t get into its follow-up (Volume Two, naturally). Hearing today’s random selection, I’m not sure why.

This is the same kind of retro-catchy ear candy that M. Ward and Zooey Deschanel perfected on their debut. Maybe it’s the sort of thing that quickly wears out its welcome. Maybe listening to too many She & Him albums would be like eating at Johnny Rockets every night.

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Song of the Day #2,285: ‘Trumpets’ – Jason Derulo

jason_deruloAt #22 is ‘Am I Wrong?‘ by Nico & Vinz, the song that — like a musical cockroach — refuses to die.

And I wish that I could say that something unexpected and amazing would round out my two-week Billboard exploration, but the 23rd spot belongs to the luckiest man in show biz, Jason Derulo. Never has so little talent resulted in so many hits.

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Song of the Day #2,284: ‘Bailando’ – Enrique Iglesias

enrique_iglesiasJason Aldean rounds out the Billboard Top 20 with ‘Burnin’ It Down,’ the only country track on the list.

At #21 is the first Spanish-language entry, ‘Bailando’ by Enrique Iglesias. At least I’m assuming it’s the Spanish version on the charts, and not its English counterpart, because the former has 458 million YouTube videos to the latter’s 58 million.

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Song of the Day #2,282: ‘Don’t’ – Ed Sheeran

ed_sheeranBillboard positions 14 through 16 are repeats: in order, ‘Rude‘ by MAGIC!, Sia’s ‘Chandelier‘ and Charli XCX’s ‘Boom Clap.’

At #17 is Ed Sheeran with ‘Don’t.’ Sheeran last reached the top 20 with the supremely catchy ‘Sing,’ which peaked at the 13th position. Will this song be able to top that one and perhaps advance into the top ten?

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Song of the Day #2,281: ‘Steal My Girl’ – One Direction

one_directionAt lucky number 13 on the Billboard Hot 100 is One Direction, with ‘Steal My Girl,’ a power pop ballad that shamelessly steals its opening piano riff from Journey’s ‘Faithfully.’

Or if you grew up in the 00s and not the 80s, you might think they shamelessly ripped off the opening riff of New Found Glory’s ‘It’s Not Your Fault,’ blissfully unaware that NFG ripped it off from Journey first.

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Song of the Day #2,280: ‘Hope in the Air’ – Laura Marling

laura_marlingBritish singer-songwriter Laura Marling was all of 20 years old when she recorded this stunning little song. And this was on her second album, the first having come out when she was 18.

A British Fiona Apple, perhaps? I don’t know anything about Marling except that I’ve stumbled upon a few of her songs and been blown away every time.

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