Song of the Day #2,196: ‘Never Do Anything’ – Barenaked Ladies

maroonHere’s a fun song from Barenaked Ladies’ fifth (and, one could argue, last great) album, Maroon. Their next three original studio albums were uneven and then Steven Page left the band, raising the question of whether a band minus its co-founder and lead singer should still be considered the same band.

Is Pink Floyd without Roger Waters Pink Floyd in anything but name? How about Journey without Steve Perry?

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Song of the Day #2,195: ‘Do It’ – Nelly Furtado

nelly_furtado_looseWhen Nelly Furtado went from hippy-dippy ‘I’m Like a Bird’ mode to trashy pop star over the course of two albums, the makeover seemed desperate.

But apparently she knew what she was doing, as the second album, Loose, became her biggest hit, ultimately selling 12 million copies worldwide.

Furtado cited artistic reasons behind the genre change-up — a desire to stretch her music into the R&B and hip-hop arenas and away from the more world-music influences of her debut.

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