Song of the Day #2,316: ‘Obvious Bicycle’ – Vampire Weekend


Best Albums of the 10s So Far
#4 – Vampire Weekend – Modern Vampires of the City

Yesterday I wrote about artists who kick off their careers with five or six amazing albums and earn a place in my personal pantheon.

Vampire Weekend haven’t been around long enough to meet that criteria just yet, but based on the three albums they’ve released so far, they are well on their way.

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Song of the Day #2,315: ‘Platinum’ – Miranda Lambert


Best Albums of the 10s So Far
#5 – Miranda Lambert – Platinum

This is Miranda Lambert’s second appearance on this list, counting her record with Pistol Annies. Will it be her last?

Every musical career evolves in a different way. All artists have ebbs and flows, some that come early, others that come late. Some start quietly, releasing forgettable albums through which they find their footing before making their mark a few records down the line. Others roar out of the gate with a striking debut only to fizzle a bit on a second or third album.

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Song of the Day #2,314: ‘Tombstone Blues’ – Richie Havens

im_not_thereA lot of people take the stance that they like Bob Dylan’s music but they just can’t stand his voice.

I can appreciate that argument, as I feel exactly that way about both Neil Young and Joni Mitchell. I often say that I would love an album of their best songs as sung by somebody (pretty much anybody) else.

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Song of the Day #1,377 (2 1/2 years late): ‘Some Mistakes’ – Brad Paisley

5th_gearI’ve been living a lie.

On April 19, 2012, I posted a song from Fiona Apple’s When the Pawn…. It was during a countdown of my favorite albums of the 90s, and Apple’s sophomore effort was #2 on my list.

That was Song of the Day #1,376.

The following day, I posted my #1 album of the 90s. It was Ben Folds Five’s self-titled debut.

That was Song of the Day #1,378.

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Song of the Day #2,313: ‘Engine To Turn’ – Tift Merritt


Best Albums of the 10s So Far
#6 – Tift Merritt – See You On the Moon

The second Tift Merritt album on this list is her finest record yet, 2010’s See You On the Moon.

I love this album so much I almost ran out of songs to feature on the blog. Of Merritt’s five studio albums, this is the one that best captures her Joni Mitchell-meets-Emmylou Harris sound and spirit.

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Song of the Day #2,312: ‘The Day She Got Divorced’ – Brandy Clark


Best Albums of the 10s So Far
#7 – Brandy Clark – 12 Stories

Last week I wrote about Kacey Musgrave’s excellent debut album. Well, Brandy Clark is the woman I hope Musgraves grows up to become.

The 35-year-old Washington native has carved out a career writing songs for other people (most notably Miranda Lambert and The Band Perry) but her solo debut, 12 Stories, is a true work of art.

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Song of the Day #2,311: ‘Head Underwater’ – Jenny Lewis


Best Albums of the 10s So Far
#8 – Jenny Lewis – The Voyager

Jenny Lewis has taken a couple of stabs at greatness over the eight years of her solo career.

2008’s Rabbit Fur Coat is a folk rock pleasure, charming if ultimately forgettable. Acid Tongue, released in 2008, was a more ambitious effort, dabbling in blues rock and featuring a duet with frequent collaborator Elvis Costello. But it, too, had trouble sticking.

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