Song of the Day #2,649: ‘Paint It Black’ – The Rolling Stones

aftermathHere’s a song that’s nearly 50 years old but doesn’t sound a day over 25.

1966’s ‘Paint It Black’ was The Rolling Stones’ third #1 single in the U.S. (following ‘I Can’t Get No Satisfaction’ and ‘Get Off of My Cloud). They would release five more over the next 12 years and never again reach the top of the charts (barring a surprise new release by the octogenarians).

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Song of the Day #2,522: ‘Think’ – The Rolling Stones


Here’s another of those rare cases where an important milestone falls on a Random Weekend, allowing the fates to offer up either a fitting tribute or an ironic commentary on the event.

The occasion today is my oldest daughter’s 13th birthday. So, Random iTunes Fairy, what song will you deliver to mark the passing of my first born into her teenage years? Surprise us!

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Song of the Day #2,520: ‘Tumbling Dice’ – The Rolling Stones

exileonmainstreetAccording to a scientific poll of one (me), the second best album of 1972 is The Rolling Stones’ Exile on Main Street.

This classic album sits atop many critics’ lists of the best albums of not just that year but all of the 70s. It’s The Stones’ undisputed masterpiece, a drunken lost weekend of rock-n-roll perfection.

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Song of the Day #2,474: ‘You Got the Silver’ – The Rolling Stones

let_it_bleed‘You Got the Silver,’ from The Rolling Stones’ classic 1969 album Let it Bleed, is arguably the best song to ever feature Keith Richards on lead vocals.

Richards didn’t steal the mic from Mick Jagger very often — maybe once per album — but on some of his tracks it’s hard to imagine anybody else, even Mick, doing a better job.

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Song of the Day #2,138: ‘Brown Sugar (Live)’ – The Rolling Stones

sticky_fingersClosing out my week of favorite upbeat songs is ‘Brown Sugar’ by The Rolling Stones. I wouldn’t call this song “happy,” exactly, but it’s a far cry from the somber notes hit by most of my desert island choices.

‘Brown Sugar’ is raunchy and lusty like many of the best Rolling Stones songs. Mick Jagger’s twisted ode to interracial relations controversially centers on slavers and house boys but he manages to get away with it.

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Song of the Day #2,080: ‘All Down the Line’ – The Rolling Stones

exileonmainstreet‘All Down the Line’ is one of the greatest songs on one of The Rolling Stones’ greatest albums, Exile On Main Street. It bursts with the energy and attitude of all their best work.

This was the first track recorded for Exile On Main Street and Mick’s pick as the first single, though he was overruled when the band went with ‘Tumbling Dice’ instead.

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Song of the Day #2,059: ‘Tell Me’ – The Rolling Stones

rolling_stones_newest_hitmakers‘Tell Me’ was the first song co-written by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards.

At the time they were making an ok living recording covers of R&B songs, but their management knew the real money was in publishing. So the boys reluctantly kicked off what would become one of the most prolific and celebrated songwriting partnerships in music history.

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