Song of the Day #4,141: ‘The Bones’ – Maren Morris

The main opening act on Miranda Lambert’s Roadside Bars & Pink Guitars Tour is Maren Morris, who is definitely on the rise. She’ll likely be playing as a headliner starting next year.

Morris made a splash with her 2016 album Hero, featuring the hits ‘My Church,’ ‘Rich’ and ’80s Mercedes’ but had her first major success with the track ‘The Middle,’ a cut by the DJ Zedd that featured her on lead vocals. That song hit #5 on Billboard’s Hot 100 and #1 on the pop chart.

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Song of the Day #4,140: ‘Somebody’s Daughter’ – Tenille Townes

This Saturday my family and I are heading to Orlando to see Miranda Lambert in concert. This show caps off a nice year of live music for our squad, starting with Josh Rouse in Asheville, then Brad Paisley in West Palm Beach and a performance of Les Miserables in Fort Lauderdale before culminating with Miranda.

I’ll also be seeing Elvis Costello this week, accompanied by a man who has posted a comment on every single Song of the Day to date. So yeah, a pretty great year for live music.

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Song of the Day #4,139: ‘Colors’ – Halsey

‘Colors’ is the third single from Halsey’s debut album Badlands, released in 2015. Since then Halsey has become a pretty big deal, releasing nine Top 20 singles, five of which reached the Top 10 and two of which hit #1.

My older daughter has been on the Halsey train since before this album dropped. I’m half a fan through osmosis, though I’ve never really been grabbed enough by her music to listen to either of her albums all the way through.

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Song of the Day #4,138: ‘Half a Mile Away’ – Billy Joel

The Random iTunes Fairy has been peeking in on the weekday conversation, as she is wont to do.

Just the other day I proposed a theme week on Billy Joel songs that would make good fodder for a Netflix anthology show. And she serves up ‘Half a Mile Away,’ a very strong candidate. With street smart characters like Little Geo and Angelina circling our restless narrator, this song could make for a great little New York-set character sketch.

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Song of the Day #4,137: ‘JJ Sneed’ – Dolly Parton

The final song I’ll feature from the upcoming Dolly Parton anthology series Heartstrings is ‘JJ Sneed,’ a nice counterpart to ‘Jolene.’

While ‘Jolene’ depicted a woman deathly afraid that a temptress would steal away her man, ‘JJ Sneed’ gives us a narrator who sees her man tempted by another woman and responds by shooting him dead. I guess that’s… progress?

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Song of the Day #4,136: ‘Down From Dover’ – Dolly Parton

Our next song from the upcoming Dolly Parton anthology series Heartstrings is ‘Down From Dover,’ which first appeared on the 1970 album The Fairest of Them All.

While the album performed well both commercially and critically, this song proved controversial. It tells the story of an unwed pregnant waiting in vain for the father of her baby to return to her from Dover. Things don’t end well.

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Song of the Day #4,135: ‘Sugar Hill’ – Dolly Parton

Like yesterday’s track, ‘Sugar Hill’ appears on Dolly Parton’s 2002 album Halos & Horns. Dolly has released 50 studio albums in total, starting in 1967.

This sweet song follows a couple from childhood through getting married and having children of their own. In a nice bit of casting, the older lovers in the Heartstrings episode based on this song will be played by Patricia Wettig and Timothy Busfield, who played a married couple on the 80s show Thirtysomething.

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