Song of the Day #1,052: ‘Foolproof’ – Ron Sexsmith

One of the most surprising, and effective, tracks on Blue Boy is the jazzy torch ballad ‘Foolproof.’ This was Ron Sexsmith’s first prominent use of horns on an album, a flourish he’d return to on later records.

The lonely Chet Baker-style trumpet and brushed drums remind me of Elvis Costello’s ‘Almost Blue,’ and I wouldn’t be surprised if that track wasn’t an influence on this one. Or perhaps both Elvis and Ron were influenced by the same unnamed song when writing their own smokey piano bar ballads.

This is a lovely lyric as well. I like how he goes from being adamant that he’ll never let anybody in again to admitting that he’s “coming back for more.”

That’s what my heart’s become
And I challenge anyone to break in
I challenge anyone to make me open up the door
Cos I’ve been fooled before
And now I’m…

Older and wiser now
And I’m never gonna fall for that old,
Never gonna fall for that old
Fairy tale anymore
Cos I’ve been schooled before
And cos I’m foolproof

And I dare
Anyone to try
Not a care
In the world have I
As long as I am foolproof

Oh no, they can’t fool me
Cos I’ve been around the block a few times
Been around enough to know I’m
Coming back for more
Cos I believe that your heart is pure
And cos I’m…

That’s what my heart’s become

One thought on “Song of the Day #1,052: ‘Foolproof’ – Ron Sexsmith

  1. Dana says:

    Good song, love this kind of sound, but it ain’t no ‘Almost Blue.’ and with that McCartney voice going, it reminds of ‘My Love.’

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