Song of the Day #732: ‘Turn On Me (Live)’ – The Shins

The Shins are a group I very much think of as an album band… their quirky pop is so meticulous and off-kilter that it’s hard to imagine it being performed live. So this clip from The Late Show with David Letterman came as a big surprise. Turns out The Shins are a pretty kickass live band.

The one time I joined the live audience of Letterman’s show, I wasn’t lucky enough to see a good band like The Shins. I got a Mongolian throat singer. And the celebrity guest was Richard Simmons. The people who saw The Shins got Ricky Gervais and Forest Whitaker.

You can fake it for a while,
bite your tongue and smile,
like every mother does an ugly child.
But it starts to leaking out,
like spittle from a cloud,
amassed resentment
pelting ounce and pound.

You entertaining any doubts,
’cause you had to know that I was fond of you.
Fond Of Y-O-U
Though I knew you masked your disdain
I can see the change was just too hard for us,
you always had to hold the reigns,
but where I’m headed you just don’t know the way.

So affections fade away,
or do adults just learn to play
the most ridiculous repulsive games?
all our favorite ruddy sons
and their double-barreled guns,
you’d better hurry rabbit,
run, run, run.
‘Cause mincing you is fun,
and there’s a lot of hungry hatters
in this world set on taking it over.
But brittle thorny stems,
they break before they bend,
and neither one of us is one of them.

And the tears will never mend,
’cause you had it in for me so long ago.
Boy, I Still Don’t Know,
I don’t know why and I don’t care…
well hardly anymore.
If you’d only seen yourself hating me,
when I’d been so much more than fair.
But then you’d have to lay those feelings bare.
One thing I know has still got you scared.
Yeah all that cold ire,
and never once aired on a dare

You had to know that I was fond of you,
Fond Of Y-O-U.
So I took your licks at the time.
A change like that is just so hard to do,
don’t let it whip-crack your life.
And I’ll bow out from the fight –
Those old pious sisters were right –
the worst part is over,
now get back on that horse and ride.

One thought on “Song of the Day #732: ‘Turn On Me (Live)’ – The Shins

  1. Dana says:

    Pretty decent song, but nothing that would inspire me to see them live, or be all that psyched if they were on Letterman on a night I was in the audience.

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